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Monday, September 15, 2008

32,000 lbs of thrust

Apologies for the cheesy pic. This is me and my friend Kieren at the RAF Leuchers airshow. Kieren used to fly Tornados, so we had to have the compulsory picture in front of his old ride.

Has been a busy year this year as usual. Moved to Peebles a couple of months ago, am renting a room off my friend Steve. Am liking it, the commute isn’t the best (22 miles) have been riding my bike in to Edinburgh as much as possible, but that is the price you pay for being able to look out the window of the house and see trees, not to mention being able to ride straight to the trails. Have started doing hill-running, planning on spending a lot of time running over winter. Ramona loves it too, spends lots of time in back yard wars with the other cats.

Went out to Pra Loup in the French alps for the World Masters champs for a week at the end of August. Was awesome, warm and sunny all week and heaps to do. The race was way hard and considerably above my level, I was well out-classed and worried about getting cut with the 80% rule but made it around and finished in 12th. My mate Paul did a brilliant race and picked up a silver medal in the DH 40+ cat, and Greig finished 24th out of about 80 riders in the XC 30+. I have to say, if I go to this event next year will not bother resting up for the race, there are loads of good trails to ride and mountains to climb out there, and I don’t think I would get any more or less humped in the race for it. My wee apartment was ace too, just perfect for one midget with all the mod cons, but in midget size, tiny little dishwasher etc.

Have been involving myself in more race organising, me and roommate Steve have been running an XC time trial one evening a month, see the reports here. http://innersmtbracing.blogspot.com/

Organising the SXC round at Glentress next weekend with Andy from the Forestry doing the course and the marshalls. Has been a lot of work, there is a lot more expected of a Class 2 UCI event. Tearing my hair out this week trying to find 100 metres of barriers, on a budget of £zero. Fun. I do enjoy it though, combines my two main hobbies, mountainbiking and bossiness/organising/rules/paperwork. Have been approached about putting on the British XC Nationals next year now that would keep me busy....