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Friday, March 07, 2008

Border Raiding

Here is a pic of me at the Marin Winter Enduro, round 4, at Thetford down in England. Not quite sure how it happened, but I managed to win the women's 4 hour event in spite of a 7 hour drive each way. Must have been all that climbing in the Sierra Espuna at the end of January... and of course the traditional pre-race week cake loading. Also not quite sure how such a flattering pic happened, I swear I wasn't stopping to check my make-up each lap, must be a trick of the light.

Dabbled in a road race last weekend - it was pish, crashed on the first lap hurt my hand and lost a fair bit of skin, very frustrating.

Its the XC Time Trial on sunday, in memory of my friend Alistair Lees who died last year. Has been taking up a lot of my time to organise, but we have 86 pre-entries and will close the field at 100 on sunday morning, so I think you can call that a success !!

Everyone has been great, we have loads of volunteers and John at the Bicycle Works gave us loads of great prizes, as did the Downhillracer.com DVD guys Mark and Stevie.

Now to stay on the bike for two whole laps....