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Thursday, April 12, 2007

New product lines at Wiggle

Part of the "women specific" range no doubt.

Just a quick wee update. Got back to Scotland mid march and really not coping. The trip back with Petra was great fun we had a brilliant time. Arrived back to snow and rain and not really settling in too well. Have my PC and broadband internet set up now at Bill's flat so feel a bit more in touch with the world.

Been spending quite a lot of time sorting stuff out, selling bikes etc. Helping Neil organise the SXC practice race for the World Champs up at Fort Bill. Putting together the mountainbike event for the Edinburgh/Glasgow Corporate Decathlon for Bike Knowledge. So not wasting my time totally !!! Looking for a part-time job a couple of days a week but procrastinating a bit there it has to be said.

Did the first SXC race up at Laggan, well, started it. Wasn't feeling great, haven't done much proper training recently shouldn't have bothered. And in the words of Aussie Downhiller Nathan Rennie. "I was ridng like a girl. Got my skirt caught in my chain a couple of times and that was my race over". Paul (Scottish Cycling's new Regional Coaching Cordinator) has agreed to coach me on the proviso that I do everything he says. Those of you that know me well will see the possible flaw in that plan !

Mother phoned this morning, her her and Winton will be in Edinburgh for 3 weeks from 6th August. Yippee I can't wait !! Will be awesome.