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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Just had brilliant weekend up in the Espuna, 30 odd guys from an mtb club in Cordoba were staying in the campsite for the long weekend so came out on Saturday. They were really good riders and some of them even spoke English, was a good laugh, and I set my stall out early by kicking them all on the first climb so they were impressed. Not sure if that means that I am fit or they aren’t.
Sunday we went hiking up in the higher peaks which was superb, lovely clear day and some quite technical scrambling. Not so much English spoken in that group but was fun anyway, and saves me the bother of polite conversation !! But it was lucky I have some experience of that, with the language barrier you don’t really know what to expect sometimes. All I really got was that we would be out for four hours and there would be an opportunity for beer at the end. Took plenty food water and clothes and needed all of it.
Petra arrived last night, so will be over there tonight to look at all her pictures from the trek in Nepal. She bought the bad weather with her, the temperature really dropped yesterday I actually needed longs, a roubaix and a buff out on the bike. Its raining today so will take it easy.

The picture at the start of this is from the top of the climb on Sunday’s trek, and I think the guy in the picture is called Pedro. The Cordoba mtb club had “Agamo y Lomo” on their shirts which I think is something about sheep ?? Not sure, anyway have invited them all over to Scotland next year, traded email addresses with some of the English speakers, they sounded quite keen.