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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lets call the whole thing off

It’s December and the start of Produce Dumping and Festival season in the local area. I found this tomato dump at the farm next to Camposol, they have tried to be discrete and tucked it between two wee hills and a big pile of firewood, but I was running along the tops and spotted it from above. I saved as many as I could but was too late for most of these tomatoes. If anybody has a good recipe for tomato sauce that can be frozen email it to me ! I’m told that local farming isn’t really viable any more, which is why the economy is now based around building houses for British people, and selling them stuff. Without getting into local politics even that has been done a bit half-arsed, the Urbanizacion that I am living in has not been adopted by the local council, and the Mayor of Mazarron, the nearest big town, has said quite frankly that it won’t be.

Wednesday and Friday this week are public holidays, and the parade/festival starts down at Puerta Mazarron tonight I’m heading down later on. Am now booked in for social events for dinner on Christmas day, a dance on New Years Eve and a Gourmet night on Three Kings Day, 6th January. Better get loads of training done to work it all off. Need to try and remember what day it is too.

Have settled into a routine out here, road rides, running, eating, exercises, reading my books, doing the Guardian crossword, and lots of sleeping. Saturday is mountain-biking day up in the Espuna, which is always good fun and I always come back covered in bruises and scrapes. Usually a mix of English and Spanish speakers, and never quite sure what you will get to eat if we have a café stop. On Saturday something came out that I am told was “Pigs Face” but they might have been winding me up. Last week we had a celebrity guest, the brother of the man who runs Polaris World, one of the really big companies that build houses out here, and are building a new ghetto on the road to Alhama. Should have got his brother’s address and had a few truckloads of tomatoes delivered to him.

The only other event of note around here is that my new proper offroad running trainers arrived. I am very excited about this, I love my new trainers, they are gorgeous and they fit perfectly in fact frack it here’s a picture: