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Sunday, March 19, 2006

BikeKnowledge.com and Brokeback Mountain Bikers

And in other news, we ran our first Bike Knowledge event last weekend at Glentress Forest. We were asked to put on a mountainbiking event for the Edinburgh Corporate Decathlon, and hold two training sessions running up to the event.

More about that soon, will finish this entry at lunch tomorrow.

OK I'm back - don't know where the last two weeks has gone !! Settled into a routine now of working at West Lothian Council during the week and spending weekends either biking or working on the business. We are in the preparation stages at the moment. I am in charge of Operational matters (or Managing Director, if you like) which involves setting up administration systems, costing guiding and tour packages, scoping routes, sourcing potential guiding staff, and of course dealing with record-keeping and accounts. Hugh (Sales Director) is working hard on our marketing strategy and organising the launch party. Alice (Communicaton and Website) is doing a great job with www.bikeknowledge.com. Joe (Corporate Strategy) is, well, exploiting his friends to scare up new business opportunities, and a fine job he is doing too !!

We are officially opening for business 16th April and were hoping to have the launch party the next weekend but that may have to be put back.

Work at West Lothian Council has it moments. Lets just say I am enjoying commuting out to Livingston 3 times a week. 2 and half hours on the bike in a day and home for my tea at 6pm result ! Means I have to get up at 6am but don't have to spend an hour in the car every day so good bargain if you ask me. I'm keeping a very close eye on the job ads.

First SXC race of the year last weekend up at Laggan. I came 2nd which sounds like a good result on paper but I was 6 mins behind the winner so not too happy with that, I know I can do better. Had a good comedy crash, had just passed a guy in the Masters race (and was quite cheeky) and took a corner too fast, crashed right in front of him. He was cool about it and only laughed at me a little bit, I was laughing too until my finger swelled up and went purple and numb this morning. Wee trip to the Minor Injuries Clinic tomorrow if it hasn't got the feeling back.

Have put an entry in for Sleepless in the Saddle in August, a 24 hour team race down in England. We are in the Mixed category (4 blokes and a girl) and have a quality team, me, Drew Sharkey, Alistair Lees, Sean McArthy and Kieren Jarret. I have entered us boringly as Bicycleworks.com cos most of us ride for that team but will have to come up with a better name. Sadly, some friends of mine have already taken "Brokeback Mountain Bikers" as their team name. I am now thinking "Hels Bitches" could be the way forward. Email me if you can think of something witty !!

That’s all for now…..