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Sunday, March 19, 2006

My new office

Here is a picture of my new office. Its big and empty and a bit lonely. The huge carpark in the background is the Scottish Motor Auctions. Cars come in, they move around, they go out again, the carpark stays full. Lots of movement and activity to effectively stay the same. Anyways, the new job is turning out to be a bit of a disappointment. They are paying me less than they said they would, and just said "its Personnel, thats how things work around here". Got my contract 2 weeks after I started and discovered that it is a one weeks notice arrangement, and I don't get sick pay for 6 months. Then my boss on friday told me that she can't authorise my 2 weeks holiday in august as the couple who work in the processing room will be off for a week of it and she doesn't want to be in the office on her own as she's pregnant. I have entered a team in a 24 hour race and 4 of my friends have booked the same holidays to go mountainbking in Wales. If I don't go I will have to go on holiday on my own again this year, and pull out of Sleepless in the Saddle. So the plan now is to get out of the place with references by August, which is pretty close to what the plan was anyway !