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Friday, September 02, 2005

Au Revoir Morzine...

It's been nice knowing you !! Have had a cracking week this week, fantastic weather all week, in fact today was the first day that a cloud dared show it's face over the horizon. To be honest it was getting a bit too hot, I have sunburn on top of sunburn on top of more sunburn.

The lifts closed for the end of summer on wednesday, and this town is now DEAD. I think my decision not to use the lifts has been a good 'un, all the best trails I have found have been inaccessible by telesiege. All the trails you can get to in the lifts are in a terrible state, rutted and worn and muddied up in the rain. Not to mention some what busy. Found some most excellent stuff by climbing up the walking paths and roads. Best descent of the week definitely the Col de Cou. Took me four hours of up and down to get to it mind... but it was worth it.

Not sure what to do this weekend. Haven't heard back from Britta, my own fault really for the short notice, and she has just moved house etc, so no quick segue into Germany.

I am very tempted to head up to Namur, have just realised I haven't been to Belgium at all this year, so need dosed up on Frites, Biere and Surrealist Art. But it's quite hilly in the Ardennes and I feel the need for some flat roads. At the moment I'm thinking Reims area, it looks flat on the map. Might just drive tomorrow for 4/5 hours then get off the Motorway and see what I find. Or even consult the Rough Guide.