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Sunday, January 08, 2006

5 hours to go....

It's my last day in Wellington, I can't believe how fast it's gone !!

Spent most of this week hanging out with friends and family, and getting in some last minute training on the bike while I had the good weather. Have been dead lucky, it has only rained once the whole time I have been here, and that was overnight. Today is a bizarre weather day in Wellington, scorchio and not a breath of wind. Keeping a close eye on the airport in case the mist comes in but its all looking good so far. Went for a run up in the Tinakori Hills this morning, hanging around Wellington has definitely improved my hill running.

I land at Edinburgh tuesday afternoon, unpack, change bikes, pack again then I'm away to Mazarron in Spain with Hazel, Jenny, Pippa and Julie thursday lunchtime. Will take the laptop and try and get some pictures posted.

Didn't manage to get to Dunedin for the first NZ XC series race yesterday, it was too close to when I am flying out to the UK and I couldn't get a seat on a plane out later. Shame cos even as crap as I am it looked like I would have managed a top 10 placing due to the small field. Cheating I know. Looks like if I want to ride at Fort Bill World Cup this year I will have to qualify the hard way, or perhaps realistically not bother. Will see how I go, have kind of decided I fancy the enduro races at NPS level in UK this year anyway - but we will see !!