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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Chased by the Muffia and swimming with da fishes

Been away for a while and not had the chance to write an update. Event of note recently was the Scottish Cross Country Mountain bike champs up in Inverness. Was a bit worried as this was only my second race in the Elite/Expert category and having been utterly tanked and coming last in the race before, hopes were not high so I decided to relax and enjoy myself.

It was a great course, lots of variety and and some good fun descents. Made a much better job of this race, was in amongst it for the first lap, then had a comedy crash on the second. Totally my own fault, there was a wee narrow bridge over a river, and was going well so feeling confident I asked the marshall as I passed "has anybody fallen in yet ?" Stupid stupid stupid !! It was enough to lose concentration and go head first into the river. I was VERY VERY LUCKY, there was a river to catch my bike and a shrub to catch my face. Only injury a few bashes on my face and a bit of a black eye. Got back on my bike and everything seemed to be working. Lost a fair bit of time and was getting caught by the girl behind me, so dug in and did a faster 3rd lap to hold her off.

Finished in 6th this time out of 7, 7 mins back on the Scottish Champ Catherine as opposed to 14 mins back last race so more than happy with that. Oh, and I actually quite enjoyed it too ! The race was won by Genevieve Whitson, a fellow Kiwi, so a good result all around.