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Monday, June 20, 2005

Scottish National Duathlon Champs 18th June

A couple of months ago, my friend Kim emailed me: "theres a duathlon around Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh, you do a bit of running, do you fancy doing it ?" Well I can say now with considerable authority, there is quite a difference between doing a bit of running and taking part in a running race. And I am deeply suspicious that she only wanted me along so there would be somebody she could beat (sorry Kim - just joking - honest).

Decided my best approach to avoid humiliation was to dress as obviously like a cyclist as possible, and wear some very dark sunglasses. And ask lots of really really really stupid questions at the registration. Sample: "why are you writing a number on me, will it wash off in the shower tonight, where do I pin my number, can I draft off the other cyclists" etc etc.

Luckily it was a lovely warm day without too much wind, so it was nice to be out and about. The first run section was hell - I lost about 5 mins from the front of the race over 5k. Did better on the bike section and passed 4 girls (and quite a few blokes) but it was too short to make up for my rubbish running. The second run of another 5k didn't hurt so much, but I looked over my shoulder in the last 200 metres and was getting caught by a lassie I had passed on the bike, so had to sprint for the finish. That hurt rather a lot !!

In the end my mate Kim came 5th, and I came 8th in a field of about 15, and we had a good time, laughing at the weird triathlete types (just pick a sport guys - and preferably one that doesn't involve running in grut togs). It's two days later and I still can't walk properly. Never again !! Might just leave running for fun from now...