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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Weekend in Welsh Wales

Just back from a long weekend playing on the trail centres in Welsh Wales with the Thetford MTB Racing crew. Fantastic ! Great company, great riding and really quite exceptional cakes. Diet starts next weekend… We rode Lladegla (bermy and bmxy) Coed Y Brenin (rocky and muddy with added fireroad) and Penmachno (flowy and smooth, with added rocky bits on the last descent). I have been recruited to the Salsa Racing ladies team for some of the endurance events this year, in what is shaping up to be a busy year of racing for me. Retiring next year honest… Definitely only one road race this year, as I have already entered it, and I missed the first Scottish Crit race taking Ramona to the V.E.T. My poor neglected road bike. Here is my race schedule for the year if any tall dark handsome blokes would like to stalk me:

April 19 – Tour of the Meldons roady time trial (feel the burn)
April 26 – SXC Aberfoyle
May 17 – SXC Laggan (if One of the Steves will give me a lift on the Sunday no point reccieing this course)
May 30 – 10 Under The Ben solo (yeah baby !)
June 14 – SXC Fort Bill Scottish Champs
June 20/21 – Mountain Mayhem – Salsa Ladies team
July 12 – 10 Under Kirroughtree solo
July 25/26 – Twenty Four Twelve – Salsa Ladies team
August 1 – Long Big Hard Durty One – Offroad Triathlon in a team with Nathalie (the Frog Woman) and Alan (our Secret Weapon in Flyaway Shorts)
August 2 – Selkirk Merida (if and only if it’s a sunny day I ain’t schlepping my arse about 85km of Borders Hills in the peeing rain)
August 8/9 – Sleepless in the Saddle – Salsa Ladies team
August 22 - 10 Under Moray solo
September 6 – SXC Badaguish (2nd best XC course in Britain IMHO)
September 20 – SXC Drumlanrig
October 12 – Dusk til Dawn solo