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Monday, July 03, 2006

Life still has some surprises for middle-aged spinster librarians...

The first surprise recently was my silver medal in the Scottish XC Champs. I wasn't really expecting to make the podium, just seemed to go well on the day. Was especially good for me as I was being chased quite hard on the climbs by Ruth from Peebles CC behind me, but was putting time in on the descents. Was a brilliant day out and a great race at Glentress forest.

The second surprise was my recent boat trip. Those of you who know me well will be aware of my pathological avoidance of boats, due to chronic inability to hold on to my lunch. My friend Petra was diagnosed last year with Hep C, and is taking part in a trek in Nepal. To raise funds she organised a cruise on the Firth of Forth. There isn't a lot I can do to help Petra with her illness, but I figured the least I could do was forget my comparatively insignificant worries and go on her cruise. It was rather enjoyable in the end, twice the recommended dose of dramamine and a few pints mixed quite well. As you can see from the picture I'm not that much of a zombie at all.

Third event was more of a shock than a surpise, I ran over a small child at pedestrian lights. They were on green and he just ran out. Lucky for him I was going slowly and paying attention, had time to slam on the brakes and stopped before he went under the car, he bounced off the bonnet and has nothing worse than sore wrist and bruises. Took a few years off my life ! I am now driving everywhere in the city at 20mph. I just don't even want to think about what might have happened if I had been going faster or messing with the CD player or summat. Have felt sick all week just thinking about it...

Am having a bit of a quandary at work. (Thats like a swandri except without the natural fibres). They want me to apply for the job permanently, except I am not very happy, my boss is a moody cow who never speaks to me and they aren't upping the pay. I get quite lonely sat in my office all day on my own. Actual job stuff is going quite well when I get out there, I spoke to the Corporate Management Team last week and they were well impressed. I just can't face much more of this. But I have a mortgage to pay. Or I could sell my flat, stick the bikes in the back of the van and bugger off somewhere sunny for winter.. I'm going to live 5 years less after the car accident last week so who needs that pension ?? Might just leave this one to fate.

I have some good weekends coming up, away through to Drumlanrig with Hazel for NPS race next saturday, staying with Julie C on the saturday night then me, Hazel, Julie and Sam are meeting the Rockhard race team at Kirroughtree sunday morning for a ride about.

Weekend after that its the British XC nationals somewhere in Wales, am heading down in the van with my friend James. Don't think I'll be testing the podium at that one !!